The harsh reaction from analysts and securities politicians proves they still don’t understand just how much Redditors understand.

Full disclosure: I own 10 shares of GameStop. This is solely my opinion and does not represent financial advice. Blah blah blah, don’t hold me liable.

If you have a pulse, or even half a pulse, on the stock market, you’ve heard about GameStop. You’ve likely heard that Redditors have rallied around the stock and are forcing hedgefunds to cover their positions (read: lose a bunch of money). You’ve also likely heard that this mission by the forum-goers is misguided at best and nefarious at worst. But here’s the thing: that’s total bullshit.

Wall Street Bets, or “WSB”, the subreddit…

Why Meeting Culture matters — and how you can impact collaboration, inclusion, and productivity with a few simple tweaks.

We’ve all heard the joke, “this meeting could’ve been an email.” Chances are, we’ve all probably laughed at that joke, while simultaneously cringing, because we’ve experienced and understand the pain that is sitting through a meeting that is a waste of our time.

Nobody likes feeling like they’ve wasted their time. Nobody likes leaving a meeting feeling like their voice wasn’t heard. Yet, for some reason, a lot of companies (intentionally or not) accept those feelings as part and parcel of their meeting culture.

Building the right kind of culture is something a lot of companies — especially high tech…

Vulnerability and letting go can rescue you from self destruction.

If you had asked me a year ago on Valentine’s Day what it was like being married to my middle school sweetheart, I would have given you a vague answer, something to the effect of “Totally amazing!”, and it would have been complete bullshit. …

Getting sober is an eye opening journey. Each day, as I do my best to resist drinking — at home, at work, out to dinner — some days successfully, some days not so much — I learn a little bit more about myself. I’ve been trying to quit drinking for months now. Recently, as I sat with my desire to stop drinking, a realization surfaced around why I’m so reticent to give up alcohol. I realized how deeply interwoven alcohol is with my identity.

I’ve drank alcohol for years. Since I was 17 years old or so, I’ve been drinking…

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